Matei Vogel Aufnahme Studio

Born in Switzerland currently lives and works in Zürich





For me painting should be as much an abstract art as music. Of course that  painting being a visible art it can not be abstract in the same ways as music can. But they both offer the possibility to transform Inspiration and the tangible miracles that surround us.



In my work I try to pursue and reveal the existence of the subconscious in visual form. The act of creation is a performance of an improvisation guided by the expression of rhythmic emotions .



I believe that innovation can only be made by the quality of sincere personal conviction.



Every start of a new work is therefore a beginning of an expedition to the inner self and a revelation of emotion, beauty, ancient information and maybe my answer to modern life.




 "What you work on your palette is not this color or that...but the very substance of things. you dip your brush in air and light and spread them on your canvas."


-Denis Diderot